The important info:

My name is BAyly, like the irish cream. Matilda is my favorite superhero. I have terrible taste in music. I have recently discovered Talenti Ice cream and the world must know it is the best thing out there. HBO over netflix.


I'm a Social Content Creator for a strategic and impactful advertising agency, TPN. Day-to-day, I conceptualize, create, and execute visual content for our clients, who range from well known cleaning products to chips enjoyed by teens. You can see examples of the advertisements, product photography, and motion graphics I've created throughout my site.

I have a diverse range of talents, from photography and videography to motion graphics and design. I've always had an eye for aesthetics, composition, and style, and feel so lucky that I'm able to use my talents and explore my passion each day at work.

I graduated from Asbury University with a degree in media communications in 2015, with a minor in graphic design (and I won a student emmy!).

Check out some pics from my most recent shoots: